To Find What You Like To DO

I loss count on how many blogs I have created for the past years now. At first I feel like I do it for the sake of trend. Until recently I realized that I actually do it because I want to write something. Be it expressive, factual, translation tasks and sharing some random quotes  followed by my own thoughts.

“Do what you can do with confidence”

To me at first, writing is just about an activity that I can express whatever I want and it just need few ideas and internet connection. I will write and write and write and stop writing once I have nothing. Then, the real work started to chain me  longer and abandon my blogs. I have new ideas and I created another blog, I write and write and write  and stopped again. That is how the cycle goes and I ended up with more blogs than I can actually handle.

Few times I asked myself, what I can do and what I want to do? Working is  good, the pay is good, the office is good but the growing feeling of ‘I don’t want to work anymore’ is restless. Each day I would ask myself, what can I do? I want to do something I really enjoy and something that could make me happy by doing it. Again the main question ‘BUT WHAT?’

Personally to me it is  not about the pay. I want to do something that I can enjoy and living it. As a Muslim, I believe Allah will never give me less in life. I believe Allah has opened many paths for His servants to choose from despite we keep choosing poorly. I feel blessed and thankful after He gave me the courage to do this.

What I like to do? I like to write! I will keep on writing and will never look behind now. I do it because I am happy to write and I feel that this is what I  really wanted to do!

How about you guys? What do you guys like to do the most? Something that made you feel happy and filled your life? Share it with me and  the others!


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