Now A Husband (Part 1)


So what I have been doing for the past 2 days?

I went to another states to attend a friend’s wedding. It was a two days plan. We traveled on Friday and packed up on Saturday.

Friday was his wedding solemnization locally called ‘Akad Nikah’ and Saturday was his sit-in-state ceremony or ‘Bersanding’ in the local language.

I’ll summarize what happened on Friday first.

Before the wedding solemnization, we were waiting for the Imam to come. As we were waiting, the groom was quite nervous and keep teasing us by saying stop being nervous which the fact is that he was the one who is going to get married.

Once the Imam has arrived, everyone sat down and watch the groom facing the Imam with his wife-to-be sitting behind him. The Imam started with Salam and began reading  the wedding sermon as everyone listen attentively and excited. Camera’s flashes again and again. I both parents were about to see their son to take on a new responsibility in life and will have a new family member. His siblings looked at him with smiles and excitement for their brother. His friends sitting not far away looking tense but tried to act cool. As for me, sitting on the front row capturing the moment with a mobile phone as I am also quite nervous too.

After the Imam done reading the sermon, the crowds in the room now getting a lot more energetic as they knew what is coming next. As the the Imam explained what the groom has to do in the ceremony. The groom nodded as a sign that he understand on what he needed to do next.

Now, the groom and the Imam in a handshaking position as the Imam said the pronouncement of marriage or ‘Ijab Kabul’ and the groom replied. After hearing the groom pronouncement, the Imam asked the Witnesses or ‘Saksi’ about the groom’s pronouncement. Both of the witnesses said ‘Sah’ as a sign of acknowledgment for the groom’s pronouncement and accompanied with ‘Alhamdulillah’ the ‘Ijab Kabul’ was now completed.

As I was sitting quite close with the Imam and the groom, I can see how relieved the groom was that time. I can see his eyes a bit watery but he hold on to it. The crowds in the room was also happy and glad as now this couple are now officially married. What about me? I feel so happy for both of them and somehow everyone’s reaction filled me with joy. It was a happy moment and I feel proud of him.

I have attended ‘Ijab Kabul’ ceremonies for few times but I do not know why this time the happiness really filled in me. To see a friend found his happiness made me so happy and I can’t explain well that happiness.



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