Now A Husband (Part 2)


What happened on the second day?

The second day is the sit-in-state ceremony in other word the feast! Or locally we call this ‘Majlis Bersanding’.. I am sorry for this half witted explanation, I can’t find the right and suitable words.

The groom was left with his wife’s family since yesterday as for me and his family went back to our home-stay. Only in the afternoon we prepared ourselves and ready for today’s ceremony. So, we drove the wife’s family house and gathered there.

When we reached there,  there were so many motorcycles as the groom was the chairman for a motor club. His club members in convoy traveled around two hundred kilometres for this ceremony. Such brotherhood. There were about thirty bikes arrived that day.

As for the ceremony it was held in a public hall where we have to drive few minutes. As we were getting ready, the cameraman instructed that the bikers will be leading this convoy and then just follow them. The theme was red. The bikers were also wearing red. It was like the red army marching. The view was captivating at the same time it was loud as well.

Then we arrived to the hall and the couple  were greeted from the wife’s family. However, there were certain customs that they need to follow. Such as the ‘the tolls’ customs where the groom’s has to pay some fees to get inside the hall for the ceremony. I was accustomed with this but usually it was only one toll at a time. As for this one, there were like three tolls and after the first toll the bride’s was ‘kidnapped’ from the groom. Ultimately, it is just to tease the groom and have fun together.

Most of the guests were here as they feast together with the couple. Me too treating myself with the nice food they offered.

It was a  fun moment as family and friends gathered and taking pictures together. The couple looks so fitting with the red maron-ish dresses. We have a term that we usually used for the newly wed couple in this ceremony. We call them ‘One Day King And Queen’.

I wish all the best for the both of you. Congratulations!



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