The Fun Things

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What is that activity that you like to do and you have so much fun doing it? Reading? Running? Singing?

As for me fun can be various type of activities! Not just your hobby but also other stuff. I am sure my hobby would be just playing video games all day long. But when it comes to do something fun, playing video games can be stressful as hell.

I like to try new stuff, its fun! I like to write, its fun! I like to eat cakes, its fun! I like going to the arcade, its fun! I like to sing, its fun! (Despite I’m a bad singer).. One word, FUN!

Doing fun things made me feel relaxed and chilled. Yet, when I have not done any of fun things for a period of time.. I might ended moody and cranky.. So, such activities is a way to cheer up myself and feel alive!

How about you? How do you make yourself enjoy and have fun?

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