What do you call ‘it’?

Image from : http://www.keithholloway.net

It came unnoticed! Your chest feels heavy and tighten. It gives you pain sensation. It feels like you just received a news so shocking that you do not know how to respond. It just came and left a big void.

What do you call it? What is this sensation that stuck in your heart and you cannot even explain or where to start? It just happened! The moment you were smiling and laughing it came and  you feel like crying for something you are not sure about.

It left you with a big empty feeling yet heavy. It left you with empty thoughts yet you do not know why. What is this emptiness yet it hold you like it is the heaviest thing on earth stuck inside you.

Is it loneliness? Anxiety? Stress? Or emotionally unstable? What could it be? I have no answer. I have no clue. Why? Because I am feeling it too.

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