How would we greet death?

How would we greet death? How would I greet death?

Somehow I don’t mind leaving. Deep inside I just don’t care. Let me go. To walk again with this two legs are tiring. I do not want to go on anymore. I want to stop here. Let me rest. 

Be it family or friends. Be it foes or lovers. Release me from this bind of worldly desires. I am no longer worthy, to play in this game of life.

I quit. I quit.

Call me selfish. Call me a coward. I am not brave enough nor strong enough. These two hands getting weaker and smaller. No longer holding the dearest in life.

Nothing I hope more but to feel peace. Peace as I am out of breath. Let me go and never come back. 

Goodbye everyone. I’m coming Peace. Eternally.


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