So, what get you inspired?

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I just want to write this down because I can’t get it off my mind. Well, Ally.. That is all this WordPress all about isn’t it?

What is it that I want to write about? I want to write about inspiration! Have you ever been to a stage where you feel like you want to do something but to you that is just random thoughts of the day. Soon after, the thoughts keep coming back and you feel like your idea is an alternative for you to do something else compared on what you are currently doing. Good then!

So where the theme inspiration kicks in? If you reach to a stage where your thoughts been lingering inside your head and keep popping out over and over again. That is when you need to find your inspiration and strength. Everyone.. EVERYONE need strength! Everyone need support! Everyone need to feel inspired!

How to feel inspired? Read the stories of others! Be it about their success  in life, failures in life anything.. You can even get inspired by how your parents raised you. Or how you cat diligently try to chase the birds that is definitely hard to catch.

I am grateful of the people around me. Their share of stories and actions do made me realize that they are quite inspiring. Each and every one of them are diamond in their own way. Others might not realize it but me. In my eyes, they are jewels and precious.

So, what get you inspired?


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