It’s Just Unfortunate

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Hi everyone!

Finally! My PC has been repaired! The reason behind my absence in WordPress was caused by my PC gave up on me.

It’s all started on the mid of July. Suddenly, whenever I click on the Windows Icon on the taskbar, my screen would freeze up. Followed by knocking sound inside the  PC. After a thorough tests and diagnosed. It was my hard disk being malfunctioned.

The problem started on July and it’s already September. Why does it take too long to repair? The answer to that is my financial status. I’m unable to  repair it as soon as possible due to my thinning wallet.

Basically, last month I had some extra cash to be spent and here I am! With  a new 1 Terabyte hard disk plus some extra incentive for myself, 8GB RAM stick to be added with the current 4GB RAM. A total of 12GB RAM this time!

What’s UNFORTUNATE is that, the previous hard disk cannot be read anymore, therefore I lost most of my data. It contained my anime collection, songs collection, pictures and my previous documents which I had since 2009! 7 years of data lost in an instant!

What saddened me the most is… I lost all my pictures! Pictures since my high school, college and most recent one! It is frustrating but what else can I do.

On the brightside… I can’t think of any except be able to write again!

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