Did you regret with the decisions you made in your life?

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A friend of mine, Nazreads asked me few days ago.

“Did you regret that you did not accept your Degree study few years ago?”

We were actually talking about how things would be different if we did not take the choices we made in our past turning points.

A bit of a background for the question. Two years ago I was offered to further my study in English Literature Degree in a public university. It was a full time study. I rejected the offer because I was actually tied to my car installment. Then I know that car is the worst investment to have that time.

Then, a year ago I received another offer from the same public university. This time it is a part time study. That time I already had a new job and I would be having some problems with my working days and classes. Also, I’m unable to keep up with the tuition fees that time. So, I rejected the offer.

My answer to her question?

I would actually regret it a bit. Things might be a little bit difference. I would be too busy with my studies that I don’t have social life on weekends.

If I were to enroll, this would be my final year or might be next year. I really want to further my studies, I really love English Literature.. But, I don’t think I can  achieve it right now. Hopefully I can later on.

What about you guys? Did you regret with the decisions you made in your life?


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