Best To Read This Weekend #Inkitt


Happy weekend guys!

How is your day? Been busy? Trying something else? Dating someone?

Feeling like reading something new and fresh? I recommend you guys  to read  this. To ease you guys, I sorted them out based on their genre and a little bit of pixie dust. Easier!


1 – Find The Lady by Travis McKinney

It was already a bad week before a Brit with a nifty magic trick walked in.  $10,000 in the hole, partner gone, heist gone south. Now there’s a Curse Monster in the mix, too. What’s a con man to do?

2 – Ghost of O’Leary  House by Nick Paschall

David just keeps screwing up. After his latest mistake of throwing a huge party, his mother leaves him stranded at his Grandma’s house in a remote town. But Alice Grove has many secrets…

Fantasy/Sci Fi

1 – The Encircling Wars of Nacathelion: The myriad of Paths by K R Sharma

Isanfyre, a shy awkward but magically skilled warrior, enlists on a suicidal mission to bury his guilt for a disastrous childhood mistake.

2 – The Paths of Destiny: A Parker Chronicles Novel by Claude P Perry II

In a timeline different from our own, Robert Bixby Parker, a former member of the United Nations Organization’s Peacekeepers, is a detective for the Miami-Dade Police and bestselling author of paranormal detective novels. He has been recalled from civilian life to join the investigative division of the UNO known as Security, Peace and Justice, aka the SPJ.

3 – Cold Secrets: A SoNaR Adventure by Aaron Tate

Three teens race to unlock clues, ciphers and riddles before a greedy corporation beats them to a clean, renewable energy source that will change the world.

I hope you guys would enjoy your weekend with these awesome titles! Sadly, I’d be working in the weekend.

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