Best To Read This Weekend #Inkitt


Hi fellow readers!

Tough and surprising week for our friends in the US. Lets pray for their safety and hopefully getting better.

As for you some of you who wants to read more, I have the perfect lists from Inkitt! This time there are quite numbers of Sci-fi/Fantasy theme. If this is your cup of tea, why wait?


1. The Calling by AndrewMC

A dying bloodline, a storm of war brewing on the horizon and one last battle for supremacy. Dive into this magical world and answer the call of Excalibur itself.

2.  Book Two: The Moon Will Fall by Tavyn Gentry

When infamous synesthete, Rogue, is captured by the enemy, Zaria is forced to take matters into her own hands in order to rescue her. But what can she do when things are not as simple as they seem?

3. The Shadow of Fate by J. L. Scritchfield

A gripping account of indulgence, addiction and sacrifice. One man’s battle with demons darker than anything imaginable. (Think you can handle  this one?)

4. This Wretched Heart by Slumpless

‘This wicked heart has split in two, I love him and I love you.’
What happens if you are in love with two people at the same time and one of them is your husband? Can you have both? Lara decides.


1. A Single Yesterday by Rich Stachura
A journey through the worlds of oppression, supremacy and survival. The touching tale of two outcasts’ plight against the world.
It’s been quite a rainy months here in my place. A perfect weather for me to read more.
Hopefully you guys enjoy the weekend and take care!

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