Best To Read This Week! #Inkitt


Hi everyone! Inkitt recently launched their ios app! If you are an iPhone user,  you can download it here.

Here are the new fresh list if you want to read something new!


1. Floating World by Suzie Komza

Engaging in psychoactive trances in the shadowed corners of a remote Polish castle, will Tekla be able to pull herself out of the rabbit hole or will she sink even further than imaginable?

2. Battle of Wills by Marolyn Caldwell

Delusional murmurs from a wounded stranger, vultures circling above a dead man’s will, can an unsuspecting heroine put together the pieces of a seemingly impossible puzzle before it’s too late?
3. Between Dawn and Dagger by StephaniDamato
A lust for revenge, vampires, fairies and girls training to be killers, this YA fantasy novel has it all!
1. The Unadjusteds by Marissa Noelle

Genetic enhancements allow butterfly wings and superhuman speed. But what if you’re not altered? What if you’re just an unadjusted? How do you fight back?


1. Cherry Smack by georgewong2

Life is short. Jimmy’s may prove even shorter. (As for this one…  If you like something dramatic and twisted.. I DARE YOU!)

That’s it for this week. If this doesn’t interest you, why don’t you  take a look on the previous lists I posted.

Best To Read This Weekend #Inkitt

Enjoy  your day everyone! Stay safe!


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