It’s All About You (E-Book) for grab!


Dear readers and friends,

Last month I have published a poetry e-book. It’s a collection of 108 poems (Suikoden reference) of unrequited love. You may found happiness and despair while reading it.

Why now do I mentioned it? To be honest I don’t know. Maybe I don’t really  have the confidence in me. I’ve been thinking a lot about how should I approach this matter. For those who checked it on the store, it was sold for a price. I  was wondering should I?

Until recently I realized that, why I didn’t make it free?

The main reason I write is because I want to write. I want to share. I want others to know how I feel. Why put it for a cost? I should make it free so others could read it and share it. From today, the book is available for FREE!

Download it for FREE!: It’s All About You

To all my followers and friends, if you  really like my poems do download it and share it. Spread this unrequited love of mine.

I wish you all have a good day!

Thank you.

Twitter: @allylmare
Facebook: Facebook profile

Download it for FREE!: It’s All About You

18 thoughts on “It’s All About You (E-Book) for grab!

  1. I read it! And I enjoyed reading it very much. Hope to read more of your eBook 🙂 keep up the good works. Thanks for making it free! Have a pleasant day! 😊

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