2016 REWIND! Write Ally! Write!

Dear fellow readers,

We are reaching the end of 2016. 2017 is just few days away from us. To describe my 2016 it is full of uncertainties, craziness, silliness, stupidity, cowardice, laziness, curiosity, amazement and a little bit of sweetness.

I’ve started this blog around March 2016 because my passion for writing can no longer be contained. I was in a brink of mental breakdown because of my work problems and I had trouble adjusting to the pace. Somehow I managed to endure and made it and the idea of writing served as therapies in a way.

I think that is enough on my personal issues and the blog introduction. Let’s get to our 2016 REWIND done!

As much as you guys already know, my blog mostly consisted of poems. I would say it is 75% poems and rest are divided with short stories, Inkitt recommendation, motivational and general writing.

I present you my golden list!


  1. It’s love
  2. Haiku #9
  3. Hoping us to connect
  4. As someone you’d remember
  5. Let this soul cry and die
  6. A waiting game
  7. Text messages
  8. This cracking heart of mine
  9. Before it even started
  10. Trust

I’ll add one more.


For the next big thing would be my appreciation for my lovely commentators! Without them, I’d be bored to death by being alone! They are the salt and sugar for my blog!


I highly recommend you guys to check on their site!


If you haven’t download my FREE  poetry book, you can download it now! I’m also open for any feedback and comments!


You can also find it in Kobo, bol.com, Indigo and much more! (psstt… google “it’s all about you  ally mare”)



This is were the 2016 REWIND came to an end. While I am writing this sentences, I can’t help to feel touched on how far have I come. I hope I’m able to share my thoughts and emotions with my words with you guys.

This is it for 2016! I wish all the best and let us all strive for better blogging, writing, sharing, community and life in 2017! All the best guys!

Website: https://writeallywrite.wordpress.com/
Twitter: @allylmare
Facebook: Facebook profile

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15 thoughts on “2016 REWIND! Write Ally! Write!

    1. Thank you very much! I’m sorry for the late reply. I missed this one. Hopefully 2017 will be a great year for all of us too. Again, I’m grateful for your support. I hope all the best for you too. πŸ˜€


      1. Thank you for the lovely wishes! I am looking forward to a year full of gratitude for the small and wonderful things in my life. you too Ally, may you have a precious year in the life you lead so magnificently! Amazing to be counting down this year over a blog but the world changes and we need to keep up with it!

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