Movies In Six Words Pt. 3


Good day everyone,

Some break from poems would be great is it not?

I am doing another Movies In 6 words! If you are not familiar with Movies In 6 Words, this segment is about explaining a movie in 6 words. It can be funny or up to you.

Harry Potter: Bald guy struggles, returning to school.
Me Before You: Girl hired to babysit a guy.
Waterboy: Failed water business made him superstar.
Beauty & The Beast: Introvert hairy guy dating a brunette.
Enchanted: Delusional crazy girl talking to animals.
X-Men: About mutants and not ‘ex men’.
Anaconda: How to be traumatized with snakes.

I hope you guys enjoyed it!

Have a nice day!

8 thoughts on “Movies In Six Words Pt. 3

  1. Hi Ally! I finally watched the movie. It was so long and I did lose focus a little as the dialogue wasn’t so exciting. But it made me think a lot about feelings, and if a society were going to prosper it had to eliminate feelings like a disease. I thought this was more like a Romeo and Juliet movie, believe they could have made it more intense if they showcased the lives of other people than just these 2. But the ending was ok for me, because I noticed he still had some human-ness in him. He took her hand seeing she was feeling sad, the human spirit will always triumph, I won’t ever be disappointed in that. Lots more I can say about the parallel features with my work and life too but I think maybe its too much here. I asked my self if I would want a life with feeling or not and found i can’t really chose one or the other, just that I would want control over my feelings a little better. Thanks for sharing the movies with me, it’s been nice having someone to talk about them. Review HER on your posts and I could comment there. Be happy Ally!

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