Ally’s Thoughts: Her (2013)

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Good day everyone!

I hope you have a lovely day ahead. A friend of mine, Singledust wanted me to share my thoughts about the film Her (2o13). This is not a movie review for sure, it is just my thoughts about the movie and how I feel about it.

What happen when you have a software that offers you an artificial intelligence assistant? If you are a tech savvy, you might realized that Samantha can be real soon! Currently we have Siri, Cortana and other AI available in the Internet. Interacting with human, learning and certainly evolving… Though to have their own thoughts and decision making without prior programmed is fictional… I do not see it as ‘Impossible’ at all.

If you haven’t watch this movie yet and feel that this post will be a potential spoiler for you… Please avoid reading any further. I’ve warned you.

Let us skip the technical parts and go straight to my thoughts.

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How lovely it is to have someone that would understand you? Totally understand you? Someone that would grab your hand and pull you out of your current self? Or someone dragging you out from your helpless state in life? Glad? Happy? Feel amazing? You feel better? I would! I will a lot more livelier and happier in life.

The movie Her, showcased it. A man who feels crisis in his life who is actually being surrounded by his friend and his job. He did give himself a chance to try but was that enough for him? No, but he never stop trying. It is just he still not met the right person and company besides him.

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What happened after he created Samantha? His stiff and dull life started to change, he brave himself to try something new. He took the step. A step is a step, be it small or big. Same goes in life, I keep reminding myself to always take the step forward because I don’t want myself to get stuck and unable to move forward. I’ve been there, stuck but I’m not going to experience it again. I’ll just keep on looking forward and take my steps ahead.

Samantha is someone, in this case something that Theodore need. An entity that understand him and interested in him. There are three elements I must state: Understanding, Learning and Action. You need these elements in relationship or you tend to create more mistakes and no solutions.

That is one of the reason why I enjoyed this movie. It reflects what someone need in their life especially in relationship. You don’t just enjoy a movie but learned something from it, same goes to book. I can’t remember which movies or TV series character said this but it goes like this ‘Movies just book with moving pictures…”. It might not explain more like a book does but still we can see real tears, real depiction of faces, real emotions and actions. Except individual thoughts unless presented in monologue.

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Towards the final part, after very much conflicts and self discoveries… Those happiness shattered and emotions buried deep somehow. You might believe that Theodore is back to square one, a square that he once there before he knew Samantha. Is it?

He accept it and brace it. Losing someone is hard but if they leave remember what relationship has taught you. Take another step forward and move on. Isn’t that happened to us before? Yes, it is life. We have our good times and we have our bad times, what we do? We moved on.

I think I will just stop here because somehow, I have the habit to keep on writing on and on without realizing how long it was. Most of the comments I read about this movie, it can be quite disturbing in which I did not find it disturbing at all. I’m wondering which part of it.

For those who have watched it, do kindly share your thoughts. If you haven’t, do watch it!

Best quotes from the movie!

9 thoughts on “Ally’s Thoughts: Her (2013)

  1. Lovely review Ally – you should write more like this – love your feelings and thoughts about the movie. I would be more critical about this movie but we are different and that’s what makes it fun to share and discuss things with you – our different perspectives but respect for the other and in the process I learn a lot from you. I am not giving my 2 cents, you have done an amazing review of your view! Thank you for indulging me! What’s our next movie? Have you seen The Giver? Since we are on a dystopian binge?! Selamat Malam!

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    1. Thank you, Singledust. Indeed, we all have different opinions and I do respect them. Lately my internet connection has not been really nice to me but if I’ve watched it, I’ll surely do the Ally’s Thoughts again! Hold on to it! 😀 If you are interested, try watching The Operator, you’d be surprised! (Hopefully)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I haven’t see it – had a quick look at the trailer as we speak so to speak!! Not my kind of movie as I think real life relationships just gritty for me but I will give it a try this coming long holiday weekend. Who knows I might be surprised. Thanks for the recommendation Ally! It’s pouring here! How’s it over there? Hopefully no water rationing with rain like this! I am feeling so inspired with all the gushing water. Happy night to you my friend!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It surprised me! It’s been raining since the late afternoon here. And trust me, loading WordPress is taking forever. Can’t wait to read what the rain brings you! Happy night to you too! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Same here – whole day long – just rain and I am loving it! It’s crazy how the rains have been here this year right especially as the Lunar New Year draws near, pity those people up in the east coast, my colleague’s house was flooded out last week. But I am not complaining. I have a few stories I have to finish up actually but I keep listening to music and get distracted. Hope the rain inspires you too!

        Liked by 1 person

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