Ally’s Thoughts: The Giver (2014)

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Good day everyone!

This thoughts still keep coming doesn’t it? This movie was recommended by Singledust. Check out her amazing short stories that can really captured your innocent side!

If you have not watched the movie and hate spoilers, don’t worry because there are not much spoilers in here.

Who believes in a perfect world? A Utopia? The movie shares that vision where everyone are equal and same. Which they called ‘sameness’. The movie ‘Equals’ shares almost the same idea. In order to achieve peace and serenity, emotions and feelings need to be stripped away from humanity.

So how do I feel about it? What are my thoughts against this idea? If there is a point one day where humanity decided to vote or to choose (which most likely will not happen because, we will surely be forced), I will not vote or support and I am on the side of opposing this very idea. Why?

Before I tell you why, I wanted to say that I do understand the benefits of living in such condition. I must say, human are complex being. They have mind and thoughts which makes us different compared to animal. Animal lives based on their instinct and not mind. That is what I believe and I do accept others will have their own opinion in this matter.

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There was a time in my life, that I believe this world can run without money. I asked people about it. They would say, impossible. We need money. We cannot live without money. If there are no money, are using barter system? The barter system has flaws!

They are not wrong, really. However, the world that I believe can work without money. How? Imagine this, you wanted something from me, lets say I grown apples and you want them. I would say,  ‘take it’. I do not want anything in return. Then, I went somewhere and wanted something. They gave me and ask nothing in return. The thoughts that you might have now, that is impossible! Of course when we gave something, we wanted something in return. If you think about it, is that not greed? Where is the sincerity of giving something or sharing something that we have? Think about it.

Again, this is not in small scale, this is global. You wanted to travel just get your ticket from the flight company. You wanted to watch a movie, go to the cinema and get your ticket. You want to get groceries, go to the supermarket and take it. Perfect? Ask yourself, what do you think of my idea? Acceptable? Totally rejected? Why? Tell me in the comment below.

It may look perfect. Wonderful utopia indeed. But there was this one guy shared his thoughts, he said, ‘True it is a wonderful world. But, one thing that they will not have, the improvement and innovation. Your idea somehow will be filled with people who has no motivation to improve themselves. They know they can just get the things that they wanted and they will get lazy eventually’. I do not object, there are truth in his words.

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Now, let me share why I  will be on the opposing side. In order to achieve this perfect world, sacrifices had to be made. In this part, your emotions and feelings. The society in this movie stripped the feeling of love, loss, desire, freedom and sadness. They will decide what you have to do and what you will do on your life. If you do not fit in any roles in their society, you will be ‘released’ in other words, ‘put to your eternal sleep’.

I detest the idea. We are being naive by believing that we have no need of emotions and feelings. We believed we can play god. How arrogant is that? I actually have another opinion which is religion oriented but I am trying to be general as I can in this post.

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Let us do some imagining activity right now. We are to create a peaceful world. Where do we start? Individual! Yes, that is the answer. I have the power to create a better world. You have it, he have it, she have it and  everyone have it! Next one is the method. Everyone need to implement the same method in achieving peace. If its different, you see what happened nowadays. When we have the same mindset and the same method, we will move in unison towards peace. Then comes the order and rules to maintain. I believe there are more but I cannot think further right now.

What I truly believe, be it in reality or fantasy, everyone has the same opportunity to help in creating a better life. The doctors, the teachers, the writers, the engineers and everyone. If  they are willing to see and open their eyes, know whats good and wrong, come to an understanding. We can! First step is ourselves.

There are many aspects and perspectives that we can see in the movie. And I am just talking about the background of the movie itself and not on characters.

As for the movie part, I do enjoy watching it. If you are interested in sci-fi and utopian genre. Do give this movie a chance.


17 thoughts on “Ally’s Thoughts: The Giver (2014)

  1. This sure looks like a very interesting movie. I will add it to my watch list. 🙂

    Coming to a world with only truth and no money, say like a barter system, I dont know! It is difficult to imagine that now. In olden days what people cared was food, clothing and shelter. Now, we have invented much more to ourselves. Everything based on the foundations of truth, well, how many would follow that. That is very interesting thought! I keep thinking!

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  2. I love The Giver, both the book and the movie, it is ultimately my favorite read. I was happy to see how in depth a discussion this was just from seeing the movie. I liked the idea of a world with no need of money. A world where we share with one another the way you often share food with friends and family or even in the way you share your time, thoughts, and ideas with one another. What a beautiful post. I enjoyed reading this so so much!

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  3. Ally you outshine your self each time you pour your heart out! I am so glad you connected with the dialogue in this movie. While the plot seems so overplayed I was touched by the idea that memories could be taken away and kept by one person, what a burden. All peaceful worlds insist on order and control but who can control the human spirit, that’s inherent in us; a species made and given free will, and the resilience of our spirit transcends all attempts to stifle it. Our DNA screams variety and singleness how can we ever be categorised – I agree with you how can we be “released” when we don’t fit into a category? How sad that our uniquness is considered a shame. This movie gets you thinking on so many levels right? You quoted my favourite line from the movie – loneliness of not being able to share memories. Happy we connected on another movie here.

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    1. Thank you for the kind and supportive words Singledust. Yes, how heavy the burden one needs to carry but he can never share it. Especially when we were raised in order to fit the society and not how we want them to be.

      When he got his first memories, he was shown the beautiful ones. Later when he realized how brutal men can be, he was seated back. This is where it shows the best thing about human, we adapt to survive. We had wars, we made mistakes but what matters is how are we going to take responsibility after that.

      This movie really get me thinking and now I really need to find the book! 😀

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      1. I liked it the best among all the dystopian world movies though it never became a hit – the message for us too deep I guess for people who just wanted an easy movie to watch. You know my thoughts on Equals – could have been better in many ways. Do you like watching series, and do you have Netflix – I could recommend a few – mainly miniseries so not too long drawn. I think you also got far more out of The Giver than i did and appreciate your sensitivity to the more hidden messages it carried. When you find the book tell me or loan it to me ok? I like what you said about us adapting to survive – we do that don’t we, adopt cultures and ways foreign and awkward all so we can fit in and be part of a new generation or society.

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      2. I’m sure to let you know if I found the book later. Yes, I do enjoy watching series.. Currently I have no preference on what genre of series but last one I watched was The Man In The High Castle which was on Amazon… Others that I enjoyed last year, Orange Is The New Black and Lie To Me… 😀

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      3. well great to know! I am a binger when I get into the mood , like when there’s a job to be done!! then I just want to lepak and watch no end. I have seen too many but I would say a few stand out and only if you want to – it may not appeal to you – my tastes are rather eclectic. I tend to gravitate to certain genres depending on the mood. All time favourite is Outlander of course and I read all the books in the series in a week and was so exhausted as I never slept and cried through most of it. But try these miniseries – 1. Top of the Lake.(I had lived in New Zealand and connected with the isolation) 2. The Fall (the monster living amongst us and so charming too – I lived with one and could really relate!) 3. Broadchurch (the dialogue – nothing but the dialogue – the English know how to have a conversation) 4. The OA – this was mind blowing and its very recent – I wish I could write a screenplay like this – you never know where you are in the story and you questioned everything you just heard the protagonist say yet you sympathise and need to agree. that should keep you occupied for a long time Ally -haha – take care friend – do take sometime to go out into the sun – well after the rain – its been 3 days right – just rain! Be blessed always!

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      4. Thank you very much and you too! Quite the titles you share here. Might try the OA because it is mind blowing. Haha. I’ll just write them down on my list. Somehow, my list has gotten longer and longer now. 😀

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  4. Reblogged this on Singledust and commented:
    It’s really great to share opinions on the things we see together – some may be different but every one line appreciated – Ally does a great job again on this. Love you thoughts and ideals for a better tomorrow!

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