[TAG] Blue Sky Tag!


Hi adorable and loving fellows!

How’s weekend treating you? Care sharing what you’ve done?

I’ve been tagged by Tessa Megan @ Writer’s Ink for the Blue Sky Tag! Do visit her resourceful and inspiring blog!

Thank you for considering me for the tag, Tessa!


1.Thank the person who tagged you
2.Answer their 11 questions
3.Tag 11 people
4.Give them 11 questions to answer


1. Do you have any imaginary friends?
I once had one. His name is Jack.

2. Have you ever been to the beach or would like to go?
I’ve been to the beach before. I enjoyed the beach as long as everything looks nice. (Bad experience with nasty, dirty and given me sore eyes beach)

3. Have you ever entered a writing contest?
Never. Would like to join if possible now.

4. If possible would you go into writing as a career or will it just be a hobby for you?
I am currently in the transition of making writing more than just a hobby. The urged of wanting to spend my days writing are more… insatiable.

5. Do you like to sing?
It is a lie if I say no. So, YES!

6. Do you listen to music while you write?
Yes! The moment turned dull and plain without music and I became lazier.

7. What book(s) have you recently read?
Currently I’m reading The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro.

8. Do you like country music?
I am not a picky person when it comes to music. So, as long as it is good, I can enjoy it.

9. What’s your favorite movie?
This is a hard question and tough decision has to be made. If I were to live with one movie for the rest of my life… Pirates of The Caribbean!

10. Have you read A Long Way Home by Saroo Brierly  or heard of it?
No, I never heard of it.

11. Did you watch or read the news?
I do. Mostly online news.



  1. What do you say to yourself when you are being lazy?
  2. Do you have a favorite line to say when you wanted to get yourself motivated?
  3. Are you the type who ‘plan everything’ or ‘go with the flow’?
  4. What color of the sky, you enjoyed the most?
  5. Do you think you are the philosophical type?
  6. What inspires you when you write?
  7. Do small accomplishments in life make you happy?
  8. Was there a moment in your life that you think, you are not doing enough?
  9. Do you have certain conditions or rituals before you read a book? (eg. listen to music, sitting, lie down, outdoor etc.)
  10. How often you challenge yourself in doing things you are not familiar with?
  11. Do you consider yourself a strong characteristic type of person?

There are no obligations if you are tagged.

I wish everyone have a good and productive day! All the best!

5 thoughts on “[TAG] Blue Sky Tag!

  1. nice to get to know someone from the answers they give as well as the questions they ask. Very profound Ally! Thanks for the tag, let’s see if I can do it as I get back to work today!! And I anticipate a heavy load coming. Love the photo! Pirates of the Caribbean! – I would never have thought you and that movie clicked, well it must be the adventurous side of you. Take care friend!

    Liked by 1 person

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