The Ferry Home

The Daily Prompt by J. C. Cauthon

Image from: TripAdvisor

Using the following setting, write a short story or poem:
the ferry line to your home on the island, 5:00 PM

“You’ll find the ferry to the island will be arriving shortly. At five, which will be here in ten minutes.” Said the man who sells the ticket.

It has been years since he was here. Ten years to be exact. Richard has been away for ten years in order to serve the country. He was stationed very far north by having winter every single day. When the real season arrived, it really kills him to the spine as he was never fond of the cold.

The ticket man was right, the ferry was in time. Without wasting his time, Richard board the ferry and on his way to the place he grew up, together with his family and friends.

“Are you going for a trip here?” Said a man to Richard.

Richard assumed the man was in his forties and a tourist with his family on board.

“No, sir. I’m here to return home. I lived in that island until I was enlisted to the army ten years ago.” Replied Richard.

“Oh, the war was ended years ago was it? We are proud of you and on behalf of the others, we thanked you for your duty, young man. Even so, it must be hard for you.” The man somehow was overjoyed after learning that Richard was in the army, protecting the country from invasion of the North. The war was an ugly one with hundred thousands of deaths.

“Thank you, sir. I’m just doing my best for my country.”

Richard then left the man and sit in a spot where the air is most open. He still remember them clearly, their faces, their voices and the memories they had. His home. His beloved home that none can compare. The warmth and cozy bed. The peaceful nature that surrounded him.

How he missed it all. The past years was harsh and rough. The sound of shots and bombs. The tough terrains. The hard walks. The smells of blood and flesh. The wounds and blisters. Not even close on what he had at home.

If only he can share it with others. How fortunate they are to enjoy long lasting peace. How fortunate they are to sleep on their comfy bed. Waking up having breakfast, lunch and dinner. Fully stocked food in the fridge. How not to be grateful with all the blessings that they cannot even count.

At least now, once he reached home. He will finally feel the peace. Once more.



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