Ally’s Thought: What will happen to the future civilization on earth?

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Hi everyone!

I hope you guys have a great and amazing day ahead!

Recently, I’ve been binging myself with a TV series called Vikings. I am currently at season 3.

While I was watching, I could not stop asking myself one question. What will happen to the future civilization on earth?

When I was taking my English studies, we have a subject called History of English, we did discussed about how the vikings raided England and such. In the series, the story starts around the early 8th century.

Now, we are in the 21st century and that was just few centuries back. Don’t you feel amazed on how centuries ago, civilization barely know each other and ready to put their swords and axes to each others neck. Now? We are google-ing our next vacation and ready to get there!

In just 1300 years later, we arrived in a modern world filled with advance technologies! Imagine that we still survived for the next 2000 years without major catastrophic events such as World Nuclear War or Armageddon, what do you think of the civilization at that time? Will they become so advance that when they look back at our technology, we look primitive to them? Like how we look at civilization 2000 years ago?

Hold you thoughts and answers. Keep reading….

Extra thoughts, we do have records and know how the ancient civilization looks like. The oldest civilization recorded was Ancient Mesopotamia in 3500 BC and that was like 5000 years ago. However, we still being fascinated about our findings on ancient civilization and there are  things that we did not understand about them and their inventions.

My question is, what if they achieved their technological peak in a different way that we know about? If our civilization can achieve this much in just 2000 years, what about them? Or the ones before them?

Do you think that ancient civilizations are ‘ancient’ and far from ‘modern’ as we are?

This is just something about civilization and other aspect that I want to share about is the religions showed in the series. Maybe next time!

P.S.: I like their theme song a lot! It is this one.

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