COMING SOON! New Poetry Book!

Hi everyone!

Due to my previous encouraging free e-book downloads, It’s All About You. I am compiling a new book which is quite exclusive this time. The poems will not likely be published in my blog and most likely available in the book!

Maybe in e-book or maybe in paperback this time. A secret for now!

However, I will be teasing you guys with one poem and a potential cover of the book!

Potentially the cover for my next book. Maybe?

For my dearest fellow friends, I only slip this one for you!

They said that #6

They said that,
Poetry are words,
Random words constructed,
In lines,

If that so – why,
I struggled to complete it.

For those who have not downloaded my free poetry e-book, you can do so by clicking the link below! It’s free!

[FREE] It’s All About You by Ally Mare @ Smashwords


I wish everyone has a nice day ahead! Until next time!

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