Prompt: A construction traffic jam, 8:45 AM

February 21

Using the following setting, write a short story or poem:

A construction traffic jam, 8:45 AM

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A two lane road. It was jammed because there is a road construction work ahead. He looked at the clock on the dashboard of his car. 8:45 AM. He is late. Way too late because he would already arrived in the office by now. No thanks to this stupid construction they decided to have in a rushing morning hour.

He keeps tapping the steering wheel while listening to the beat from the radio. He have no other choice. He looked through the back mirror and he saw the driver behind his car. The guy looks definitely unsettling and furious.

“Maybe, he is way too late now. Better text your manager now, sir.”

He then turn his head to the right. Another car with silver in color. A female young driver. He guessed that, she was in her twenties. He was staring until she caught him. He smiled shyly. She smiled back.

Then, he heard someone honking him from the back. He looks ahead and the traffic was clearing. He looked to the right one more time and the girl was laughing. He smiles and drive ahead.

Questions popping inside his head. The loudest one would be.

“Will I see her again?”


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