Ally’s Thoughts: La La Land (2016)

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Hi, everyone! How is your weekend? Great I hope!

Why now Ally? La La Land was months ago! Why now? It’s never too late. Correct?

I actually watched this movie last month and I was hit pretty bad emotionally. Let me be honest, I was seriously skeptical about this movie at first. La La Land? Seriously? What is with this vivid eye piercing color in the posters? The actor and actresses… I have no problem and I actually like Ryan’s movies. Not a fan of Emma though.

As usual, Ally’s Thought is not about movie review but more on how I feel about the movie. So, no worries! If you have not watched it, minimum spoilers here!

Okay! Here we go!

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Have you met someone that really plays a big role in your life? I mean, not in the sense of family but strangers that entered your life and became someone so close to you that they changed you?

Those strangers can be the person next to you in a public transport, the person sits next to you in a theater, the person who waited for the bus with you or someone that you met long ago and suddenly appeared again!

When they entered your life, little by little they changed you. They are being supportive and you feel that the both of you can spearheads the future together! Both of you are unstoppable!

Definitely, you are the luckiest person in the world! However, when you are sharing your life with someone special, conflicts are bound to happen. When that happened, you need to decide, you need to make decisions.

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For me, decisions are not about good or bad. Decisions are about living the best of your life. Others may think that you made bad decisions, but for yourself, it is the other way around. Sometimes, you think you made the best choice but you did not get the best out of it. You can’t turn back time, you need to live with it and focus on the next decisions in life.

The movie shows these points very well in my opinion! Okay, that is my first part. Now, why I enjoyed this movie so much other than the thoughts that rummaged my brain so much while watching it.

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When we want to say a movie being musical, it is not about the movie plus people singing and dancing! In my opinion, it is more than that. Good musical movies will share these characteristics!

Plot to be remembered,
Scenes to be remembered,
Songs to be remembered,
Dances to be remembered,

And it touches,
Your heart and your soul.

And I totally dedicate this poem to the movie!

La La Land have great soundtracks! Any beat from the songs will make you recognized it instantly and you will be able to pull the emotions in you!

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I’m not sure if you enjoyed musical but I grew up with Bollywood movies (Malaysian will understand!), some songs will just keep playing on repeat inside your head. La La Land gave me the same effect!

I know there are others who dislike the movie and said that this movie is overrated. I don’t blame you and surely, I am not mad. In a different perspective, this movie might not be the best movie compared to the others but I believe every movie has their own strengths.

My eyes were teary on the epilogue and totally relatable. You may have different results and will give you the best in your life. However, once you made your decision, you need to brace yourself and work your way to be better!

Have you watched it? Did you enjoy it? Share your thoughts with me.

29 thoughts on “Ally’s Thoughts: La La Land (2016)

  1. you know how much i loved it and happy you got to see it and feel the same magic, its the jaded hearts that cant feel the beauty in music and being generous even when no longer together but still in love, you wrote a lovely piece here ally! happy you have such a beautiful heart!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No don’t mention, you are very welcome! yes i saw but lost out best picture and my Ryan did not win,…..boohoohoo, its ok, they got the attention they deserved, did you know he has a band? I saw him live when I was in Toronto, Dead Man’s Bones.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Awesome Awesome Awesoommeeee!!!
    Totally fell love with Ryan & Emma! And the songs are just so ❀ !!
    Especially the lines
    " A look in somebody's eyes
    to light up the skies
    to open the world and send it reeling
    A voice that say I'll be here and you'll be alright… " ❀

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  3. Love your post about La La Land. I found the movie really in a way heart touching. The ending did bring me to near tears, though, the movie did teach that things do work out in the end even if the two individuals don’t wind up together.
    I haven’t heard of this bollywood movie but I am familiar with Shah Rukh Khan. Today Ally, you taught me something new about Malaysians πŸ™‚ Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The movie is really good in its own way right. The epilogue really got me! Mohabbatein is a good movie and it was so famous here in 2000. However, I can’t find the movie anywhere online. Glad that you know more about Malaysian Rebecca! I hope you have a great day ahead and March is here! πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The epilogue was great to end the movie, truly! That’s too bad, at least you have seen the movie and remember most of it πŸ™‚
        Have an amazing day and Month ahead of you too Ally, How time is flying. I truly can’t believe it πŸ™‚

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  4. I completely agree with you, I was so surprised by my own reaction, I didn’t expect to love it this much! I’ve been trying to express my emotions about it in words too- it is quite difficult, you’ve done a fab job ❀

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  5. I watched the trailer many times and listened to the soundtrack. Unfortunately, I still don’t get the chance to watch it yet. Hopefully, I can manage to watch this before 2018! I love musical so much and I totally agreed with what you mentioned in your poems. A good musical show will definitely make you tears and probably feel heavy-hearted after its end. Most likely, you will wish to replay it again. So, I guess La La Land is a good one because it made you tears. I just can’t wait to watch it.

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