Hi 9th March! This is Ally!

Image from: MyDramaList

Hi everyone!

March finally came knocking on our door and wanting some attention. How do you guys usually welcomed March?

After all these years, March has been different for me. I have a tradition in March. A tradition that I believed, I have shared last year in this blog.

It is all started in… Geez, I can’t remember which year to be exact… It was 2011 if I’m not mistaken. At 9th March 2011, I began a tradition for myself that I would be running a marathon on watching One Litre Of Tears the tv series. 11 hours of marathon from episode 1 to episode 11. I do not include the special movie came afterward. I’m talking about the original tv series. After that, I’ve been doing this ever since.

If you guys are wondering why I did this marathon and what the tv series is all about. You can find the post here.

Why Would I Do This Every Year?

I’m beginning my countdown this year by accompanying each day with a poem dedicated to the tv series. It will be under separate title.

Have you guys watched this tv series? Will you guys be joining me?

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