Another Sunshine For Me!


Hi everyone,

Welcome to the month of March! Any good plan coming?

I was nominated by the wonderful Nurul Afifah @ Awesomeness. She has varieties of entries and you can visit her site dedicated for poetry here!

Her Questions:

1. Introduce yourself as if you really want me to know you and you know I wouldn’t judge even if you say your secret crush is Hitler
Just introduce yourself in five words.
– A currently jobless guy with two years experience as Corporate Service Officer in a rising property development company and two years experience as a Content Editor in the biggest IT company in South East Asia. Now, a blogger, a writer and a poet. That is my pitch whenever I apply for a job at Jobstreet.

2. If you never have to work and never have to worry about money anymore, what will you do?
– Somehow this is my current situation except for the money. I will most likely blog more, write more, eat more, cook more, series binge-ing more, movies everyday and travel of course.

3. What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
– Not really sure on the craziest thing because I usually the one that followed the rules. Maybe it was this one time when I hang out with my friends from the evening and came home at dawn and straight to work without sleeping. It was hell and I  am not proud of it.

4. Favourite movie of all time and why so?
– My favorite movie? Out of all the movies I watched? This is hard. I’ll approach this by genre and I’d go for romance. The Notebook is my favorite.

5. Share with me your quirky-est nickname and how did you get that?
– My quirkiest nickname would be Mr. Lifeless. I got it when I was in college and because of my unenthusiastic reading and expression in class, my lecturer dubbed me with that nickname. Soon, the whole class has their own nickname.

6. What is your greatest weakness?
– My greatest weakness would be my own personality. I am a ISFJ-A which most likely too altruistic and can be quite conventional sometimes.

7. What is your greatest strength?
– My greatest strength as stated would be super supportive, reliable and patient. The personality test was a nail on so I’d go with that.

8. What is your best childhood memory?
– My best childhood memory would be getting my first video game console. It was silly how I  get  it actually. Haha.

9. If you can only keep five possessions, what would that be?
– Actually, I’m not sure what I want to keep. Can good family be considered as possessions?

10. What is the biggest character turn-off for you?
– Toxic character. I had my experience and it is definitely something not worth remembering.

11. If you could have any superpower, what power would it be and why? – it must be skills, not something like time-travelling or immortality.
– That would be a fast runner like Quicksilver in X-Men.

I hope everyone will have a good weekend! Until next time!


9 thoughts on “Another Sunshine For Me!

      1. i like reading about myself too – a bit narcissistic but it doesn’t hurt anyone so i think its ok to read more about ourselves and enjoy the parts we like and forget the rest

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  1. I’d binge movies and series as well. That would make me a little bit too happy. Now I feel like I need to have a pitch as well. I should have one now don’t I? My possession would include family. Well, walid got money so yeah, I can just keep family only. heh.

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  2. I’m so sorry to hear you are still jobless, don’t worry though, something will definitely turn up for you. I would love to hear your childhood story some time 😊. I do agree you are a very supportive person Ally 😄😊 Congratulations on the award 🎉🎊

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