Love Letter XX

Image from: Pinterest

My sweet little pink butterfly

Fly! Fly! My sweet little pink butterfly!
Fly high though you are closer to the sun,
I will be protecting you as the sky,
We will cherish the moment and have fun,

Why fly low my little pink butterfly,
Does sweetness in you are no longer mine?
As you fly does the wind hurt you badly?
No worries! I am here and you are fine!

What happened to you my pink butterfly?
You’ve grown and you can survive on your own,
Do you hate me now cause I am the sky?
My pink butterfly – afraid of being blown?

Not even the time can separate us,
Nor even fate and destiny are fuss.

October 2011


I salvaged this poem from my long lost blog. I must say, I’ve been writing this kind of style when I was totally in love. I can never really conjure the same feeling nowadays.

I would write them under the title Love Letter. Maybe I should write something like this again. I just realized that this actually a Sonnet!

Do you like this kind of poem? Do tell!

17 thoughts on “Love Letter XX

  1. I love this much more than the short ones you write Ally!@ Be inspired by the beauty around you and write Ally write! the feelings flow here and the words capture more than just romantic love, it captures love for life!

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      1. you will look deep and find the inspiration Ally, it all comes from us actually, even reading a meaningful book or re-watching old movies will create the inspiration to write.

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  2. I found this poem very beautiful, calm and inspiring. Life can be tough at times, I know this best but never let go to the singular moments that you have lived and felt for they are what makes life amazing


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