via 4 Varieties of English You Have Never Realized Before!

I had this one subject in college called Varieties In English. I fancy them all. Malaysian English can be pretty killer too…

A: Where got?
B: You just did it.
A: Where got? My English is standard English lah. If got, you speak Malaysian English also.
B: Stop you dimwit. Don’t gostan my words!

Walking With English

English as lingua franca has been spoken in many countries. Some countries consider English as a foreign language while the others may see it as the second language. Every country exactly has different accent and pronunciation whenever it deals with language.

Since it sounds different from the native English speakers, you may claim those people are wrong in pronouncing and speaking. However, it is not about mispronouncing; it is because of the varieties of English. You may have ever heard about Singaporean English, American English, British English, or Australian English.

Among the varieties mentioned above, have you ever thought the other varieties which are possible and valid in certain countries?

After reading this article, you may seek to learn one of those varieties and it can be fun and enjoyable, Let’s check it out!

1. Hong Kong English

Hong Kong English is spoken by 2.88M people in Hong Kong. It…

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