Ally’s Thoughts: Apr-ter And Coming May


Hi everyone! How are you? I hope everyone is in high spirit as we already a step away from April and May is here!

Sorry for the try hard title on Apr-ter (April after with silent r). I did my best on that one as my brain currently not in my optimum state.

April has left us with a big grinning smile. Especially to the NaPoWriMo participants that worked really hard completing their daily prompt! I salute and congratulates all of you. Compile all those works and make it a book. Then, you can keep it, sell it or share it for free with others. It is yours and you should decide what is best for you. As for mine, I will compile it later and put it together with my other free ebooks!

While May is already here and for me, May is going to be a torture. As I mentioned last week, I just started working and by the projection of my tasks, May is definitely going to squeeze me to the very last breath.

My tasks are fairly simple but requires a lot of coordination and revision. I’ll just grab all the experience and prepare myself for a different journey later on. I may not be the best person for the job but I’m willing to be one. I’m sure to work it out.

As I was having my three days holiday, it got me thinking. To work is something that I am required to do but writing is something that free me from it.

To work is to supply me the necessary things for a living. However, when I write, poetry especially, it feels lifting. Work can stressed me out but writing poetry relief me from my stress. Then, I thought of something.

When we go to work, we came to work with a working mindset. For example, you work 8 to 5 and when you got home, you still in your working mindset. If you are stressed during your working hour, you might still be stressed when you reached home. Why? Because you are still thinking about your work.

Therefore, if you realized you are facing this kind of situation, do not go home straight. When you leave your workplace at 5, spend the next hour relaxing yourself. Hit the cafe, gym, shopping mall, movies or other place for your leisure. Why? To change your working mindset to the relaxing mindset.

Personally for me, work should stay at work and not at home. Why? Unless you are working from home, there should be no reason for you to bring your work home. Some people might beg to differ, by all means, please. However, where is the balance of life in there? I do not live to work but I work to live. Just try your best to complete your tasks at work and after that take an hour break to relax yourself. Remember the mindset.

I am feeling a bit anxious to be honest but I hope I can get through. Sometimes, we all need the sweet little push in life, isn’t it?

Well, enough of babbling. I wish everyone will have a great month of May! All the best on your journey towards your dream and destination.

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