Ally’s Thoughts: What Is Your Career Plan?

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Hi everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posts. Somehow, I can’t find time to draw ideas and write them daily now. Even so, I’ll try my best to post!

Today at work, my boss called me. I thought it was work related but she actually asked me something else.

“What is your career plan?”

I was surprised on the sudden question. Maybe when I was a year ago, I might not be able to answer her question.

“Well, I’m really into writing and I can’t think on doing anything else except to write. My short term plan is I want to write and learn more about writing. ”

I answered something like that. Then, she asked me if I wanted to stay in corporate.

“I’m not really into corporate. I have two years experience in corporate and I don’t really enjoy it.”

Corporate is not really my cup of tea. I have the urge to explain more why I’m not into corporate at all.

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First of all, I enjoy writing very much. It may sound stupid because some might say, I can just write while I’m still in the corporate world. There are others that had done something like that. I won’t deny it but why should I stay if I’m not interested at all?

When you are no longer interested to do something, that would affect your productivity at work which is pretty bad news. Therefore, I prefer to write and I know that by writing my productivity is on the roof! Of course by doing something that you interested in or something you like would increase your productivity!

*Somehow this reminds me on one of my training with Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC).

Based on my personality, I am a person that enjoy working with others. Yes, I do enjoy human interaction and I do like to observe them. I can’t stay seated in the office all day long (not literally because I seriously can sit in the office all day long) Β because I prefer to be somewhere with more interaction and dynamic environment. I realized this few years ago until recently I’m thinking about it again.

Few years ago, I volunteered myself for an anime event, Animangaki. I was in the activity committee and in charge in one of the yearly attraction. It was my first time volunteering in this kind of event and I really enjoyed it! I’m shouting myself ‘Welcome to Animangaki! Come and play Shoudo, Japanese Calligraphy!’ to everyone that passes in front of me! I was standing for 8 hours and such but I didn’t really feel tired! I was having fun and really enjoyed it.

Few weeks ago, I had to help my department in attending a career fair because they had a booth set up. It was a two days event. Again, I was in the fair, greeting and inviting everyone that passes by! ‘Hi, welcome! Interested in Investment Banking?’

I may be an introvert but not in this kind of events. I seriously feel comfortable with the human interaction that was happening in these two events. I was able to observe a lot of things and it inspires me.

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I know that in the corporate world, there will be interaction as well but I can’t help it to feel restricted. There are things that may look good on the outside but rotten in the inside. Office politics somehow scares me. It may be good today but will be a stormy day tomorrow. I can’t comply to those invisible rules. That is why some people might find me cold in the office but that is my ‘internal protection’ kicked in. I don’t care what others might say about me but I have nothing to say when it comes to them. I have no interest to be bothered at all.

I might encounter the same thing in other places than corporate. Well, that is true but it feels totally different when it came from the same room with the people you really know. Means, if they talk about you or you talk about someone, that someone might be the person sitting in front of you or in the same room as you. How annoying is that?

So yea, I’m avoiding corporate and seeking a place that need my passion to help them. Salary is a secondary matter, what I want is this passion of mine to be useful and the experience that comes with it.

So, anyone of you enjoy human interaction as I do? Do share!

26 thoughts on “Ally’s Thoughts: What Is Your Career Plan?

  1. Nice post and so true.There is no need to do something which we didn’t enjoy as it will only bring disappointment .In this way we will never be able to recognise ourselves.Do that work which makes u happy.Goodluck

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  2. Follow your passion Ally. I have met many people who have all the material things they could wish for and are unhappy. Earlier this year I left my business to follow my dream of writing. I am poorer in the pocket but richer in the people I meet and the experiences I gain through poetry.

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  3. I find it wonderful ,Ally, that you follow what you love. Not many can but those who do, they certainly do make an impression. I am a very shy person but I do a lot enjoy human interaction. Getting to know others, their stories, experiences and more.

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  4. so nice to rad this Ally, I know from our other conversations how you struggle with the creative side of you and wanting to be in mainstream work where all the action is supposed to be, there will be a balance you just need to find it. I would support you being in a industry where you can have both your talent and creativity challenged, who knows it could just be in the event industry! Best if luck Ally! and we have to set that aside that time for coffee, I still have your book!!

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  5. I only found out this year that I hate corporate . As long as you know what you like and what you can accept you should be fine. I’m nearly 50 and still haven’t got a career plan.

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  6. This post hit home with me. I worked in corporates for a decade and at first I loved the challenges and the trendsetting and glamor of it all. I was pretty much a natural at meeting targets and quickly moved up to rubbing shoulders with the movers and shakers of various industries despite my instinctual disposition to enjoy solitude more. But working the corporate rounds is like living in a pressurized vat that never stops spinning on its axel. No matter how successful I became I had to set my bar higher and higher and the level of effort required left me with little time for rest or friends and families. What really got to me was my itch to write kept growing and there was just no time to scratch it. When I quit the rat race, it was because I had to – I couldn’t ignore my calling any longer. Sure, I miss the marathon sometimes, especially when I’m talking shop with old colleagues or getting together with old industry associates, but I am much happier just being left alone to tend to my writing.

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    1. I totally understand that feeling! Not to mentioned that when you dedicate yourself to the corporate world, you will no longer have day off even you are in your holiday. Even you closed off your cell or anything. Be prepared for emails that will burst your inbox after that. But yea, that is what corporate all about. Dedication, commitment and submission to the workload.

      And being happier to write is the best and satisfying feeling ever. Whenever you’ve done writing, that sensation is addicting. πŸ˜€

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  7. Ally, it seems like you figured out what you don’t want with corporate America…I too have found this to be true. If people are willing to talk about others to you, I bet they are willing to talk about you to others as well.

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  8. You’re so right about the fact that once you lose passion and interest, your work goes down the drain. I like writing and I enjoy meeting people, but I have to be in the mood to write. I’m not always great at writing, but I can get inspired and then it’s like I cannot stop writing. I think writing is a great skill to have, but I think editing is even better. Are you good at editing as well as writing? If so, how did you learn how to be a good editor?

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    1. Hi, I’m not sure how your comment ended up in the spam. Sorry for that. I’m not that meticulous when it comes to my own writing sometimes. My opinion is, to become a good editor, you need to read a lot and keep an open minded. Other than that, stay sharp and be meticulous. πŸ˜€

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