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Another ordinary day and our somewhat infamous Mr Lifeless walks slowly to a class. It was early in the morning and his eyes is not yet adapting to the energetic brightness of the morning sun.

There are other students walking to the same faculty and the sound of chatters can be heard overpowering the natural chirping of birds that flew around the area.

“You guys are annoyingly loud…” Her murmured to himself.

It gets louder as he entered the classroom and there are perhaps more than fifty students in the room. He scan the room for his friends and they were sitting on the other side of the room.

“What the heck. That is far… And there are a lot of girls on the front row.” As his thoughts trying to say that it is a nuissance to walk in front of many people because he feel uncomfortable with the eyes that would follow him.

He walks as fast as he can but in a controlled manner so he doesn’t look to obvious.

While he was passing a group of girls, one of them caught his attention. He doesn’t know her or which class she came from. She is somewhat standing out compared to the rest.

Mr. Lifeless went for his seat and greet his friends. He put put down his bag and take out his notes. After everything is on his table, his eyes searched for the gir that caught his attention earlier.

There she was, a girl with the shining black long hair wearing a green baju kurung suits her yellowish fair skin. What a beauty, he thought.

He nudged one of his friend, Mike.

“Dude, do you know that girl?” pointing at her in a group of girls on the front row.

“Which one? There are many girls there,” Mike looking around for the mentioned girl.

“There. The one with the green kurung.”

“Oh. Hurm… Let me check it with the other guys first.”

Mr. Lifeless could not avert his eyes away from the girl. He didn’t even notice the lecturer has entered the room and getting prepared for her class session.

“She is from Mass Comm and her name is Teressa Ling.”

Teressa Ling’s name filled his head and he lose focus throughout the class and could not avert his eyes from staring her. There are times when she noticed and politely smiled back. Mr. Lifeless could not helped to be jumpy and fueled his hopes high.

After the class is over, Mr. Lifeless walk straight to her. Her friends noticed him walking towards their group and back slowly to give her the space.

“Umm… Hi!” Mr. Lifeless opening up first.

“Hi. Yes?” She looks shy and wonder what it is all about.

“I could not help to stare you for the entire class… So, can I be your friend?” He said it shamelessly and being confident about it.

“My friend? I have no problem with that.” Smiling to Mr. Lifeless as if that is the most loveliest smile Mr. Lifeless ever received from someone.

“Great… Great… Can I have your number?” He made the bold move.

“My number? You can have my Facebook instead. That would be pretty cool.”

“Oh really? Sure! So, whats your Facebook name?” Mr. Lifeless pulled out his phone and tapped on the Facebook app from on the screen.

“You can find Teressa Ling. Okay, I gotta go. My friends can’t wait anymore. See ya again.”

“Oh see ya. Take care.” As Mr Lifeless eyed her until she fades away from his sight.

“Alright! Teressa Ling… Teressa Ling… Wait… There are freaking hundreds of Teressa Ling! Damnnnnnnn!”

That moment, Mr. Lifeless felt down on his knees and weep for his misery.

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