Ally’s Thoughts: When you are your worst enemy! Pt.2

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Continuing from part one.

Here is the second part on dealing your worst enemy which is yourself!

What are the fastest ways to get yourself out from the negativity and be positive in life? Personally for me, I don’t think this is something that we can change overnight. This is about our determination and commitment and our willpower to change ourselves.

1. Understand yourself

The most basic step would be understanding yourself. You must know yourself first. I learned that by knowing myself better, I know my strengths and weaknesses. I am more aware of myself and it is easier to get through things in life.

Take this for an example, if  you don’t know what you want to be or what you want to achieve, you will be spending your time in vain. You will most likely waste your time. Or lets say you don’t know what are the things that will make you happy, whenever you feel down or sad, you will just sulk yourself in it and bringing you deeper to negativity. If you know the things that will make you happy, you will do it to make yourself better. Lets say you know the things that will make you sad or unhappy, you will know how to avoid it.

Isn’t it beneficial to know more about yourself?

2. Convince yourself

One of the most important thing is to let yourself know that you wanted to change. You want to be better. You need to convince your mind and your heart that, becoming better is the thing that you want. Be honest to yourself, take all the things into consideration. And ultimately ask yourself, why you want to be better?

3. Learn & Learn

This is the time when you need to learn more on how to be positive. Take every experience you had before. Be it from bad events, good events or perhaps something that you learned from someone. Learning doesn’t have to be drastic but take it slowly. If you the type that likes to overthink, get a paper and write your worries down. Read it again and think of a way on how to overcome each one of your worries. If you can’t think of anything, talk to someone you trust.

Overthinking can get worse when you started to panic, anxious and later… stress and depression.

4. Take action

Personally for me, this is the best part. Take action! After you know  yourself, you have convinced yourself and you learned a lot. Time to take things into action!

I said this to one of my friends earlier, we will never know how sky divers feels when they are in the air. For us who never tried it, we might be worried, scared and think of the worst thing if we are in their place. However, for them, they enjoyed it and the adrenaline that keeps them doing it again and again.

Maybe if you are someone who fears height, get yourself into a community. WordPress can be a starting place! I’ve known Singledust from WordPress and we met and went to poetry reading. It opened up ideas, wonderful conversations and getting to know her better. Other than that, I really enjoyed being a part of an event that get me closer to people.

5. Be close to the less unfortunate

You might not believe me but whenever I’m close to someone who are less unfortunate. I realized that, I am luckier than them. Some of the doesn’t have a home, some of them lost their parents, some of them living alone and some of them doesn’t have the chance to eat properly.

What’s the point of me being someone who has everything, someone who function normally, who has been blessed in life, to indulge myself with negativity when someone who are less unfortunate than me live through positivity? I feel ashamed of myself and the radiant of hope surrounds them.

6. Love yourself

By this point, you will know to love yourself better. Instead of getting yourself beaten by unnecessary thoughts, you will take a good care of yourself better. When you are in this stage, you will feel less burdened and stressed when you have problems and errors. Whenever you have to faced some problematic individuals, you will be calmer and plan yourself better in how to handle that sort of individuals.

No one can change you except YOURSELF!

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These points are just small ways to approach negatives thinking. No one can force you to change because we don’t like to be forced. It is all about yourself and it is totally up to you. For me, I do not want to be in a state where I will waste my time and energy in negativity instead of doing something productive and will make me happier.




5 thoughts on “Ally’s Thoughts: When you are your worst enemy! Pt.2

  1. sometimes it’s important to take time to look after your mental health just as much as your physical, such an inspirational article 💟

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