Ally’s Thoughts: Should You Say It Or Not?

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Ever wondered how did you survived the long run after countless of battles with yourself regarding ‘should you say it or not’?

Whenever you have something to tell but you could not let it out and it ended up being a big anchor in your chest and vexed you for days or perhaps months or years.

It take on different forms. Some are simple such as saying ‘hi’ to strangers. It is simple yet the brain will always mocked your bravery. Bigger matters can be more life affecting and difficult to handle.

Let’s take work related example. You have a problem with your colleagues but you decided to zip it off but the same issue keep on rising and you can no longer manage it. Then you found yourself debating either to talk with your colleague about it or to just keep your mouth zipped.

Another classic example would be relationship issue. You want to tell something to your significant other but you stopped the moment you opened your mouth just to avoid unnecessary arguments or made things worst as it is.

Are you recalling more familiar situations now?

How to deal with it?

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Why should you decide either to say it or hold it back? If saying it for the best, why are you having second thoughts? Maybe some things are not that simple even though it look so simple and easy to others.

There will always be that deciding moment that you need to face. A lot of thinking and running possible scenarios inside your head. Some might repeating itself over and over again.

Ultimately, it is all up to you. The decision making is always your call. What happened afterward is based on your action. Whether your action favors you or against you.

However, there are few things you can consider if you should say it or not.

Assessing the scale of it. It can be a tiny thing or gigantic. How your decision will impact your life? Will it ruined your life? Or will it just make your heart ache a little? Or you feel it like a mosquito bite? Once you assessed the scale of impact, perhaps you will have a clearer mind to decide.

Be brave and be responsible. There are times when you need to brave yourself and be responsible on your choices. Having to make decisions means you are living your life, you can never really run away from it. If you want to get strong you need to face hardship.

Love yourself more. If you keep considering ‘should you say it or not’ again and again. You will be troubled by it. You will always think about it and disrupting your healthy thoughts and your productivity. Why torturing yourself?

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There are things in life that you should just let it out and it is not wrong to be selfish sometimes. However, what will make things worst is when you are not prepared on the opposite reaction of your expectation. Clear your mind and be open and listen. If you are prepared, then you are already one step stronger. Don’t let this struggle of ‘Should you say it or not?’ hinder your life.

13 thoughts on “Ally’s Thoughts: Should You Say It Or Not?

  1. One of my “mottos” of my life seems to be best said by R.E.M. in the song ‘Losing My Religion’:

    Trying to keep up with you
    And I don’t know if I can do it
    Oh no I’ve said too much
    I haven’t said enough

    You offer some good points to consider and ponder. Just a couple that have helped me: first, i am prone to run all possible scenarios under the sun, so i need to make sure I try to stay realistic, as well as to make sure I’m not just focusing on the worst of the worst scenarios. Also, remembering to try to keep to “I” statments – I feel that…, I heard you say…, etc. to avoid the other person feeling threatened or persecuted (no guarantees of success on that front)

    Thanks for the reminder to meditate upon this important topic.

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    1. You are very much welcome and thank you for sharing your thoughts. I agreed on the ‘I’ statement. Sometimes, I used ‘we’ too just so the other party understand that we are in the common ground. πŸ˜€

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  2. I agree that we often avoid arguments because we don’t love ourselves enough. Putting ourselves and setting healthy boundarys helps others to treat us with the respect that we deserve.

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