Support Ally Mare In PuckerMob!

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Hi everyone!

I need your help! Did you know I also write for other sites as well? One of them is PuckerMob!

I usually write on relationship topics which I don’t really publish here. I will be so grateful if you would read them and let me know your thoughts!

This is my profile page: Ally Mare @ PuckerMob

This is my latest post: Why I keep Chasing A Leo?

My other posts:

Why I keep Falling For Nerds?

She Blames PMS again. Should her?

Better Things Than ‘Looping A Song Over And Over’!

I will be writing more articles here later. Help me out will you!

8 thoughts on “Support Ally Mare In PuckerMob!

    1. I liked your article about falling nerds, mostly because I could relate! As a nerdy fangirl myself, if a guy doesn’t share at least one fandom with me, I tend not to be interested because it sort of feels like I can’t be 100% myself with him. I think the glasses work both ways alsoโ€”I can definitely attest to liking guys who rock a nice pair of glasses!

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