Ally’s Thoughts: You Are My Fairy Tale Princess

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Hi fellow friends and readers!

Today I finally watched Cinderella (2015). I had it on my drive for years but I never had the urge to watch it thoroughly.

The movie was good and what I like the most in the movie are the costumes! The costumes are just colorful and detailed. It was fun watching too. Usually I’ll bring out a theme of the movie and talk about it right? Well same goes to this post too.

The theme is royals and commoners relationship. They have standard and expectations when it comes to royal marriages. That is in the movie. We are facing the same thing as well. Maybe not in terms of status and wealth but in term of perfection.

We are expected to find the perfect partner in life. In some culture, if a man to find a wife, the wife is expected to do all the household chores. All here means everything! However, modern culture slowly changed that perception and expectation. In some household men are not the only breadwinner but also the female. Some husbands do help with chores and some of them handled it better.

But, what is my point here?

My point is, I don’t want to find my perfect partner in life because I believe everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. I believe if we mirror ourselves, we will find our own imperfections. Then, how am I supposed to find the perfect partner? Then, don’t!

I am looking for my own fairy tale princess. You know how we treated the figure of ‘fairy tale princesses’? Beautiful, magical and perfect ending. The truth is, that is impossible right? Then, how can I find my own fairy tale princess? If I found someone in my life that I would given my all, isn’t that enough? Even she is not the perfect person in the world, doesn’t mean she is not perfect for me. Even she is not a real princess, doesn’t mean she has no throne in my heart.

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My definition of  fairy tale princess, is someone who has bravery and kindness (Cinderella reference). As long she is willing to accept me and believe in me. She is willing to face the world together with me. She give me all her best. I will treat her better and give me all my best. It doesn’t matter if she is a commoner because I will treat her as a princess. Later on, she will be the queen of my life and my children.

That is my definition of fairy tale princess. She may not be beautiful but she is beautiful enough in my eyes. She may not be the brightest but she is the brightest in my life. She may not be the one others would consider because of her imperfections. Trust me, you are a perfection and they are fools for not seeing it in you.

However, the hardest part in my case would be… to find my princess. To find my Cinderella. I am no Prince too. Somehow, I am holding my glass shoe but I can’t find the person who fits. That is the struggle and that is the journey I am yet to find the ending. As I tried to see if ones fit the shoe has been a long and tiring journey. The journey took a toll on my body and soul.

As I wrote the paragraph above, I somehow made this post a little bit too personal on the next one which I deleted and replace with this current paragraph. Sorry, I got carried away.

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What do I need to keep on?

If Cinderella believes in the phrase ‘have courage and be kind’, then I wish to add one more. Believes in hope. When we have no motivation to keep on going, then all we have is hope to rely on. When we no longer have hope in life, we have nothing to hold onto.

“Have courage, be kind and believe in hope!”


6 thoughts on “Ally’s Thoughts: You Are My Fairy Tale Princess

  1. I watched Cinderella too..many times…a 41 year old accomplished woman…why? Because like cinderella i too used to dream of my prince..i too belived in having courage yet remain kind…and like cinderella i too found my happy ending…
    And i wish you too will…one day..

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