Wiser in your decision

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Have you ever listen to your heart,
The voices that speaks in your head,
And the silent desire that sneaks on you,
Accompanying you day by day,

Some that you resist,
Some that you insist,
It gives you sight to look forward,
Keeps you walking straight in life,

Yes, yesterday you cried,
Today you just laughs,
And perhaps tomorrow you will cry again,
Still the breath of life keeps on,

Oh, you spoke of giving up,
Your feet rooted and you fell,
You strongly wish for death,
But the world ignore and keep on moving,

Your head filled with memories,
Piling up be it unbearable,
And perhaps unacceptable,
But you still remember the bright things,

You did get confused,
Stumbling here and there,
Unsure where the path leads you,
And here you are ย standing,

Your scars all over,
From your head to toe,
The bruises are real,
The experiences are irreplaceable,

Perhaps today is not your day,
Cruel, tomorrow is not yours too,
But you keep on going,
You keep on walking then starts to run,

You may not get the things you wanted,
They may just slipped from your grasp,
You still breathing and keep going,
You just don’t know how to stop,

You don’t know how to give up,
Because you have live this long,
That made you stronger,
The doubts you are willing to listen,

And now you have rules,
And principles in life,
They made you who you are,
Wiser in your decision.


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