The Chronicles of Nokia 6600

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“I lost him because of my stupidity.”
“If I were not too down that morning.”
“If only I can find it back.”
“If only I can turn back time.”
“If only I were not so stupid.”
“I was careless.”

Those were the thoughts I had when I lost you, my friend. I just can’t stop thinking about you for the day. I feel like I have lost something that is so valuable and yes indeed. I lost something that is important to me. Thanks to my stupidity that morning. On 17th of April 2012, I lost you. Forever.

I still remember the first time I met you. It was almost the end of the year 2005. I still remember the place we first met. Not to mention you were the latest model in the market at that time. Having you is like having the grandfather of the latest phones in the market right now. Nokia created you with the latest technology back then, Symbian. One of the phone that possessed the most advanced technology. I was so excited when I held you for the first time. I can’t stop watching you when I held you in my hand even until I arrived home that night. I just can’t take off my eyes with the body you had, everything was so brand new. You are going to be my new best friend. I browsed you nonstop, looking at your contents and your system. I was pretty amazed on your joystick because it’s unique. Everything about you fascinated me.

The ability to store more than 1MB was so cool at that time. Not to mention you are one of the phones that can store memory up to 512MB. Yet, I only gave you 256MB of memory card. I used you to capture meaningful moments, panorama, people and everything that I thought worth to capture. Sometimes, what you already had was not enough, so I had to find better software for you. Installed MP3 software, camera software, video camera software and video games. I filled you with wallpapers, themes, videos and songs just for my pleasure. I also changed your original fonts and when people looked at you they were amazed.

Since I had you, you woke me up as my alarm clock, even though sometimes you fell asleep too. For how many years that you’ve been keeping awake? Well, 7 years my friend. You’ve been my alarm clock for like 7 years now my friend. Starting with a simple alarm sound such as the cuckoo, to a more annoying sound like the drill and the last one you sang to me was this morning ‘Happy End’. Why you left me with a sad song you idiot!

We really had good times together, I still remember the first song I downloaded from the Internet. It was Broken Wings by Tomoko Tane from the ending of Trinity Blood. I downloaded using Opera for 6600! Such a nice thing to have! Also, we went crazy when Celcom isn’t charging anything when we browsed the Internet. So, I went crazy downloading wallpapers and browsed on sites. It was fun!

There was a time when I have 3 different phone numbers. It was crazy right, friend? 3 different phone numbers with 3 different operators, Celcom, Maxis and Digi. In the morning I used Celcom, then at night, I used maxis and only sometimes I used Digi. Well, I had Celcom first and then Maxis when I was in Form 4. Then I got myself a Digi in Form 5. Maxis for gaming actually because they have this gaming community and there was this one game that can be played online and most important, it is free! As for Digi, I used it to contact my Chinese friends. Somehow, it was luxurious life compared to now.

My dear friend, we did a lot of things in this 7 years. I will always remember it. Even though you are gone now, but the memories will always be in me. Sorry that my stupidity cost me to lose you. I have a lot of things to share but it’s hard to recall everything because I feel so lost right now.

Rest in peace, my friend!
Nokia 6600

This post was extracted from my old blog that was posted on 17th April 2012. There were no smartphones back then.

3 thoughts on “The Chronicles of Nokia 6600

  1. I really enjoyed your post. I still can’t believe it was written for the Nokia mobile. Time has really made a lot of things change, as you expressed in this post a few years ago about the mobile phone. What are your thought Ally, on the nowadays smartphones?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Rebecca. I love that phone so much and it was really fun using it. As for nowadays, I’m not really adventurous when it comes to mobile phone anymore. Even for my current use, I’ll be using my phone for call, text, web browsing and some multimedia entertainment such as movies and songs. I’m not really keen into video games or trying new apps.

      As long as the phone can run smoothly and keep up with my minimal daily consumption, I’m okay with it. Right now, I’m still using the same phone I bought since 2013, an iPhone 5. Thinking of upgrading but I rather spend on something else right now. 😀


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