Ally’s Thoughts: Happiness Is?


There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.” – George Sand, French Novelist

I’ve been contemplating on the recent events happing in my life. No matter how small it is, eventually it will pile up on me and ready to burst any moment. There are so many things happening and to list them all here might not be sufficient, perhaps showing how simple my life actually is compared to others.

Life is complicated and it will get more complicated as you grow older. Let’s say you are a healthy person and raised in a normal family. The definition of normal family can be too vague or different depending on the person. The safest way to interpret it maybe on how you want your family to be perfect. Too idealistic but desirable. You are a healthy person and you are raised in a normal family. When you were younger, you have fewer things to be troubled with. As you get older, there are many things you need to deal with in your life. As you age, your health deteriorates, one by one your family members leaving you, your work gets you and ‘life’ always find its way to ruin you.

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As for me, life has been pretty challenging and punishing every wrong decision I made in life. Sometimes, too many things on my plate which slowly breaking me down and nailed me to a spot. To get up again every time is hard work. Either I let myself up or I would voluntarily drown myself in the pool of tears and misery.

One of the things that I have been thinking of is happiness. We have different answers when it comes to happiness. I can’t remember when was the last time I feel the true happiness. When we are happy, it shows. It found a way to express itself and show it to the whole world. When you are happy, your mood will be positive, you will smile more, your confidence soar and you are in your own world. As for me, it will be shown every morning as I woke up from the bed and in a good mood, energetic and refreshed!

For years now, I woke up tired and lazy. The feel to look forward in a day is nowhere near. My head filled with thoughts and worries. So many things going on and some are not controllable. Either to let go or to face it head on, the irony is whichever I choose, the result is the same. It will be my lost. Even writing this would make me feel depressed a little.

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I agreed to the quotes at the top. Happiness is when you love someone and they love you back. Being in a loving relationship will shape your life better and how you look upon life. The best thing is, you will be looking forward more in life. Whats more is the feeling of someone having your back and someone you can share everything will change you. You will be driven by focus and be more confident in yourself.

This is just my argument because I believe everyone has a different opinion on what is happiness. To love someone for me is inviting true happiness. Maybe this is just an argument by a lonely guy who had bad phases in life when it comes to relationships. Especially when you had been rejected few times and you lost friends at the same time. Then, you have a lot of things going on but you can’t really share everything unless it is to someone that you comfortable to bother with your silly life. There are good friends willing to listen but I don’t want to bother them. It has to be mutual if you are willing to listen and I am too.

I did talk to my cousin last week something about alone and loneliness. Some people prefer to be alone but they can never resist loneliness. According to a study published in Perspectives in Psychological Science in 2015, loneliness was predictive of death, particularly for people under the age of 65. There are still more to be discovered but yes, loneliness can contribute to early death. However, some people overcome loneliness through different ways, not just through relationship. They overcome loneliness perhaps through their passion. Unfortunately, my loneliness isn’t cured by passion. I seriously enjoy a good interaction and it lifted my spirit too. Especially from someone that loves me and I love her back. That is happiness for me.

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Whatever true happiness means to you, always believe in your true happiness. Do or find the things that will make you feel happy or make you do the things like the example above. Nothing to be ashamed of admitting that you are lonely. At least, try to do something for yourself before that loneliness of yours feed on your heart and left you empty.

12 thoughts on “Ally’s Thoughts: Happiness Is?

  1. Happiness is the little things not a person. Once you can be happy by yourself everything will fall into place . People tends to gravitate towards happy people.
    Happiness is everywhere . Companionship is everywhere too. Your siblings, your friends , your colleagues , your clients.
    My happiness today was getting to eat a dish I’ve been craving for.

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    1. You have a point, Dewy. However for my situation, I don’t have anyone that I feel comfortable to open up with. Not my parents, not my 6 years old sister, not my friends or colleagues.

      I do feel happy to eat, read, walk and such. It doesn’t give me the motivation to feel happiness. Something that will make me excited everyday in my life.

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      1. I don’t share much with others around me that’s why I write. It’s an outlet.
        What makes me happy is wandering around the city . Helping people that’s what makes me tick.
        You need to channel that need for a person into something that motivates you to get up every morning. What about a pet? A project? Working towards your dream?
        The person that you’re looking for should add to your happiness not the source of your happiness. A wise man told me that years ago. I thought I’d pass it along. I asked him if he was going to ever marry again after 2 or was it 3 failed marriages. That was his reply. He told me he was happy single.

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      2. I do write, but nothing changed. I still feel the same. I have few projects, I’m doing it but it doesn’t motivate me. I have a hamster before, ended up suspecting my mom’s cat ate it when it suddenly gone and the cage was all over the place. There are times that I feel that, I don’t enjoy the things I usually enjoy.

        Salute to that guy for sure. Perhaps my current source of happiness no longer give me the spark. I’m not sure how or what and kinda lost it.

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      3. Oh Ally sorry to hear that.Hope it passes. I’m no good with advice I get days like that too. It comes and go. I only got back to cooking today and I love to cook.
        You haven’t lost it. It’s there somewhere underneath the dust. Just have to persevere.

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  2. Sometimes your own company is all that you need to bring yourself back to earth. I know when I spend too much time around people it tires me out an di look forward to just having some down time x

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  3. I disagree with your definition of happiness. To me, happiness doesn’t lie in any one person or people. Happiness is all about perspective. Yes, love can bring happiness, but more often, there is happiness to be found in a delicious meal, a captivating book, or the premiere of a favorite TV show 🙂

    I’m sending you some virtual happiness from the States, Ally! Hope it helps ^_^

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    1. I do agree but it no longer works on me. I have been rewatching Brooklyn Nine Nine, it made me happy and laugh but it doesn’t give me the happiness I was looking for.

      Thank you very much, Jade. I really appreciate it. 😀

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