Ally’s Thoughts: The Movie By My Side (2017) Feels Deep


I heard about the movie last month after I watched some videos in Youtube and the trailer was recommended. I knew that Jinnyboy and his crew was working on a movie but I didn’t know that the movie will be released in September. After I watched the trailer, the urged to watch it is the only motivation I need. To be honest, its pretty rare for me to watch local films but I believe in their production and they will capture younger and modern audience, after the movie today, I was right!

By My Side is a love story between Faye and Ben. They knew each other ever since primary school and fell in love with each other. Their relationship was tested after they completed their SPM exam and Ben furthered his study in Australia. Can they stand strong? You have to watch it if you are in Malaysia.

There are only two ways to watch the movie currently, through video streaming service Tonton and watch it at TGV Cinemas.

Why this movie is worth mentioning?

When it comes to local movie in Malaysia, some Malaysian can be skeptical and treating them one eyed which pretty much because how lame it is. However, recent years there are many good local movies that made their ways to the audience heart and gained numbers of followers. While some can be experimental, indie and out of the ordinary, there are ones that are enjoyable and memorable.

The movie is straight forward, two young lovers separated by decisions and wanted the best for their life. What makes it interesting was how it was presented! As I was watching it, the beginning part of the movie already played us emotionally. The instant connection on how relatable the movie is.

Most of the audience on my row, cried and despite the witty lines trying to cheer the mood up, we mercilessly thrown with deep quotes that I can’t think of anyone but Lang Leav (The scripts made me imagined it that way). Even so, some of the lines are lame and sounds try hard but I think its pretty much what happened in our daily Malaysian conversation.

One point that I want to share about the movie is ‘distance’.

It doesn’t matter if it is in relationship, friendship, family, or such. Distance can make everything distant. When distant take over, it will create a big problem that will eventually ruin everything. Why? Whenever we feel distant means we lacked in communication. Real communication. A simple conversation no longer  invoke the same feeling that we used to feel. It only created more confusions than it to clarify.

We really need to communicate so we could understand each other better.

You can watch the trailer below.

I’m not sure if it was intentional or not but there is a scene was presented as the same scene as La La Land did! I cried the girl sitting next to me cried as well. Well, I did offered her a pack of tissue but she said no nicely. At least I tried. 😀


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