Short Story 7


“I’m not brave enough… I guess… I mean… How hard it is to ask a girl out?” Nick disappointed of himself.

“Well, man. If you ask me, it is hard. Some people had it easy because both of them are on the same page. Some did not and some… I’d say they got lost in translation…”

Nick looked at Jeremy before he let out a big sigh.

“I guess I’m the one with the ‘did not’ group. Oh man! I’m seriously frustrated. What should I do? I really like her!”

Jeremy who was wiping the glass frame in front of him stopped and turned to Nick.

“You know what, Nick. You are overreacting and overthinking about it. Why don’t you text her now and ask her out? Because that is how you start the dating process. It is step number one! Gosh, you are making my work slow.”

Nick ignored what Jeremy just said and instantly took off his gloves and grab his mobile phone from his pocket. He paused and take a deep breath before starts to tap his screen.

Hey, Ellia! How are you? Do you have any plans tonight?

“Alright sent! I can’t help to feel excited! Do you feel the same, Jeremy?”

Jeremy pretends he didn’t listen to Nick and focusing on his cleaning duty. He doesn’t want to put extra time today because he prefers to get home early and watch his favorite series.

A few minutes later, Nick received a reply.

“Hey, Jeremy! She replied me. Oh nooo… She said she had other plans. I can’t live anymore. She rejected me, man!”

Suddenly a cleaning cloth flew to Nick’s face and slowly fall down to the floor.

“That is what you get for not doing your work when you supposed to work. You better clean it up fast or the mops will be the next thing flying.”

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