Short Story 8

Image from: Entrepreneur

“The weather looks clear today. Lovely, isn’t?”

Peter smiled at him and pats her shoulder tenderly.

“You know what, Amy? The sky was much clearer hundred years ago. From what I heard, the sky was vast and blue, and the air was so fresh that once the air enters your lungs, you will feel energize instantly! Isn’t that healthy?”

Amy reaches for Peter’s hand, gripped his hand firmly.

“Do you think, we will feel the same thing again? I wish we can. I want to taste that kind of air. We are quite lucky today that the air is pretty much better than other days so far. If we are lucky enough, it will rain in plain water instead of poisonous water. Perhaps, those days, they dances in the rain and have fun in it. How it came to this, Peter?”

Both of them knows the answer to the question. They knew the clear reason why everything totally changed. The world changed.

Human greed. Human ego. Human selfishness and stupidity. Just because they have the capabilities and resources, they did not think clearly on their actions.

“Mistakes are made, Amy. Some mistakes are too big to cover and involved others too. Let this be a lesson for us in the future like many mistakes done by the people before them. Some may never learn but some stood up and points up their mistakes. Right now, all we can do is to keep on living and voice out what humanity has learned.”


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