Guitarist Yuta Tanaka New Album!

Wrote description of my new album. if you think about purchasing of this album , please check it out ! 新しいアルバムの解説を書いてみました。購入を考えている方には是非見て頂きたいです。日本語は英語の下にあります。 1.Piece Of Heartache 2.Strawberry Moon 3.Song For Camphor Tree 4.If The Time Still Goes Around 5.Even If It’s No Sun To Set 6.Senja Di Melaka 7.Cold Limelight 8.City Lights Of August 9.Harbour Side Blues […]

via Description of “If the time still goes around” — Yuta Tanaka

I bought two of his albums and the music are fantastic! For me, the first album called From The Eternity, filled with playful, energetic, mysterious, calming and motivating elements. My favorite would be track number 2 and number 6. The rest are good too.

For the second album, The Love Comes From The Blues, still keeping up the same elements which for me is nice. I like the positivity and the energy in his songs. From this album, I like song number 1, number 4, number 10, number 11 and number 12.

Now with his third album, no doubt that I will be getting it soon. I’m pretty busy through the end of the month, so, I will be ‘hunting’ him next month. Haha.

If you are wondering how I knew about this talented musician, you can check my previous post here.

If you are in Malaysia and see him performing, give him a listen! You might fall in love with his music as much as I do!



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