Daily Prompt: Gratitude (We are the ungrateful)

via Daily Prompt: Gratitude

Source: Trans4mind

A word that I can never committed to,
I am thankful,
Of being alive,
Or am I?
I don’t know,
Perhaps there are other things,
I can be grateful of,
For the things I taken for granted,
My family?
My job?
My friends?
My love?
The last one was nonexistent,
Should I be grateful for being a pessimist,
I was never one,
I should be grateful for being an optimist,
Never really thought to be one either,
I don’t know,
I am lost,
What about you,
What are you being grateful of?
You don’t know too?
Oh well,
We are the ungrateful,
For the countless blessings,
Rich and plentiful.

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