Ally’s Thoughts: Ay? Nay? November?

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Hi everyone!

It’s already November and two months away from 2018! For those who participate in NaNoWriMo, I wish you all the best! It will be a hard journey but I believe in your capabilities and believe in your own story!

So, how is October for me? October was fun, tiring and stagnating in certain aspects of my life. Few things that I considered great were the self-actualization program and I went to Perak, Malaysia for the first time. It was a short trip but I decided to come again someday to enjoy it more.

I somehow can’t believe that we are months away from 2018 and when I look back at all the things that happened… So many things happened!

My thoughts right now?

I believe in the phrase ‘if you want to move on, face it!’, something that I believe but I rarely apply it especially on romantic issues. When I was attending the self-actualization program, there was this one session where they can talk about the problems that were bothering them. Someone mentioned about relationship matter and instantly it struck me. When it comes to a relationship, we need to be honest in how we feel and not just that, we also have to voice out how we feel. A relationship includes human and as far as we know, we don’t really have the ability to read each other mind. So, communicating is important. We can’t keep it to ourselves and hope that things will get better because it might not happen. Plus, things can get worst too.

How that applies to me when I’m not even in a relationship? I learned that I’m not the type that can easily let go something off. If I like someone, I can’t really stop liking them unless I found someone else to like OR I let them know how I feel. The part where ‘time heals’ doesn’t really apply to me in this sense. I don’t know why when it comes to confessing, it will be really hard for me.

Letting go is hard but somehow, I don’t want to leave any loose end. It’s like opening a box and then the box was left open. Right now, I might be burdening myself to think and plan on how should I take things forward. I believe somehow, I will manage.

What about November?

I can’t wait for November actually! I spend my first week of November attending a training program. Then, I’ll be travelling alone and hopefully everything will be smooth. I really need this, just to go somewhere and enjoy myself alone. I need a fresh air. One more thing, Justice League will be released on 16th November! I am really looking forward.

I want to apologize to you guys if I don’t post new post daily or late in replying your comments. My work demanding priority at the moment. However, I will always try my best to update and stay connected with you guys. I wish you all  the best and stay safe!


11 thoughts on “Ally’s Thoughts: Ay? Nay? November?

      1. Hahhahah, because it’s my birthday month. So, will be a good month. 🤔 Well, I know that you see no logic here. (Because u asked why, I just answer to your question)

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    1. I hope November will treat you better. It’s good to ask. NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month where writers would commit themselves in completing a novel. They made their preparation earlier and started to write them in November. 😀

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  1. ‘I learned that I’m not the type that can easily let go something off. If I like someone, I can’t really stop liking them… ‘
    I couldnt agree more towards this. Believe me Ally, you will soon find someone who will have the same thought as you too.
    Meanwhile, where are you travelling to? Remember to blog about it especially the food!

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