Heavenly exposure

Source: medium.com

The night was cold,
Only the two of us,
Creating warmth,
In heat and affection,
Nothing else matters,
Except for our attention to each other,

I run my fingers,
Combing your hair,
Stroking it slowly,
Caressing your face,
Tracing your nose,
Stops at your lips,

Your eyes look curious,
Wanted more than just a touch,
I tease you more with my fingers,
Dancing on your soft lips,
And your eyes burn with passion,
Wanted a kiss,

I just smiled,
And lean slowly to you,
Stopped exactly when you close your eyes,
I want to capture this moment,
And treasure it forever,
As our lips touched,

The fire within us,
Burns brighter and warmer,
As we want it more and more,
The lustful hunger takes over,
We are closer and closer,
To reach the heavenly exposure.

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