Or maybe I am damned

Source: Giphy

Give me a chance, let me explain,
About all the silly thoughts of me from then,
So many guilt and too many faults,
Gripping my consciousness around the clock,

Where should I start, even my brain couldn’t decide,
Too many regrets and too many locks,
Let it hidden away from my reach,
Hidden well deep inside the sea away from any beach,

I am uncomfortable for any talk and sing,
On anything that will crack me open,
Not on laughter or comedic cling,
Not even tortures gonna make me soften,

I am lost even to myself,
I couldn’t decide if I am who I think I am,
Or I am just confuse or an empty book on a shelf,
Or maybe I am damned.

7 thoughts on “Or maybe I am damned

  1. This poem is honest and raw and I just want to say, Ally, perhaps you start with today, with one thing that makes you happy, and take it from there. It is okay to be confused and okay to be lost. Life is, after all, a journey 🙂

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