Ally’s Thoughts: A Poem With A Poem

Open Blank Notebook with Pen on Wooden Table

Hi everyone,

I recently remembered about an activity I usually did when I was younger. I basically remembered thanks to the ongoing hip hop beef between Eminem and MGK. I realized that I did something similar.

I am talking about replying a poem with a poem. This happened when I was 16 I think, I get to know a friend from an online mobile game. That time, we only have like Java games and GPRS connection. It was fun back then.

Keeping it short, I will always exchange poems with her and it was very fun to do. Therefore, I want to do it again. I would like to invite all of you who read this post, to write me a poem and I will do my best to reply on the poem.

So, would you like to give it a try? Send me a poem and I will reply it through your email and I will post it on my blog as well. I’m not sure how this will go but we won’t know until we try!

Will be waiting at allylmare(at)!


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