Sorry, I gave up, stuck in a loop, infinity.

Image from: Pinterest

I don’t know if I am getting older,
Or I am getting wiser,
So far as I know I couldn’t get any better,
Far as I go, my life starts to feel slower,
No matter what I do, things don’t actually matter,

I tried really hard to be energetic,
But I have limb and feeling, I am not robotic,
I’m looking stoic but my mind blowing hectic,
I’m showing expression but it came out synthetic,
But as I tried to write them, my body feels electric,

My mind is screaming but my body is drowning,
I am crawling myself out but the air is suffocating,
Even if I curl down and stay here, the situation is demotivating,
I wish I can run and fly away, but the collar on my neck strengthening,
Now I just want to lay down here, hopeless and lost and dying,

I may need to get back down to reality,
No matter how hard I tried, haunting me, anxiety,
Day by day passed, I’m building insanity,
I should be cure, so I can return to society,
Sorry, I gave up, stuck in a loop, infinity.

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