#NaPoWriMo2019 Day 15: What time it is?

aged alarm clock antique background
Photo by Krivec Ales on Pexels.com

What time it is?
Is it morning?
Or lunch time?
Or perhaps dinner?

Oh I’m pretty sure it’s not Fall,
What am I talking about?
It is definitely December,
There are no flowers around,

What time it is?
Is it dawn?
Or it is midday?
Definitely not twilight,

Oh silly,
I have no idea,
I have tried many ways,
From the shadow of a stick to digital,

What time it is?
Because I need to watch the time.

#NaPoWriMo2019 Day 15: write your own dramatic monologue. It doesn’t have to be quite as serious as Browning or Shakespeare, of course, but try to create a sort of specific voice or character that can act as the “speaker” of your poem, and that could be acted by someone reciting the poem.

Happy writing!

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