On my bed

Photo by Mo on Pexels.com

I don’t want to sleep,
Only to wake up,
Feeling heartbroken,
And disappointed,

When my eyes closed,
And my soul taken,
To the dreamland,
Of unconscious desires,

Yet, I don’t want it to end,
I don’t want to wake up,
From the comfort slumber,
With your image existence,

I want this as a reality,
Of you besides me,
Spending our time together,
In a world of our own,

We dance and swirl,
We jest and laugh our heart out,
We lie down on the beach,
We cuddle up watching the sun set,

There is no too much,
Of love in the air,
Accompanying us,
Till the cold night,

I don’t want to stop here,
To write and feel,
The remnants of care,
And kindness,

One day,
I want to wake up,
With you beside me,
Like in my dreams,

But now I can only feel,
The disappointment and sadness,
Waking up alone,
On my bed.

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