Not until now

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I wish to believe it,
All the things they said about us,
How we look perfect for each other,
We mirror each other,
We look so close like brother and sister,

Everything was sweet and beautiful,
Until the day broke us apart,
Drifted far away from each other,
Never to see each other again,
And that was the end for both of us,

The first year was unbearable,
Not a single small thing,
Would not remind me of you,
The interest that we shared,
To the silliest annoying stuff,
That we hate,

There are so many,
I wish I can forget,
But the wanting itself,
Is an obvious lie,
Not until now,

This piece has been stuck in my drafts for months. I can’t even remember when I wrote it and what was the emotions or ideas behind it. Probably came from a bad day of mine.

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